In Summer 2016, for the first-time in NIIC's history, we debuted an open Call for Proposals to solicit conference session proposals from the entire NIIC community to help bring fresh ideas and new contributions to NIIC.

We received 118 submissions from all across the country. These included:

80 proposals for Track Sessions - with the greatest percentage of them in the State & Local Strategies and Welcoming Communities track areas

17 proposals for Plenary Sessions

21 proposals for Affinity Group Caucuses

While the NIIC program planning teams will not be able to incorporate every suggestion that was shared, collectively, this input from the NIIC community will play an essential part in shaping the NIIC sessions for 2016. Preliminary information about the NIIC schedule is here. For background information about NIIC 2015 and what has typically been featured at NIIC, please click here